Statement from Breath @ Haw Contemporary: Parts and Wholes

1. “A whole is that which has a beginning, a middle and an end”

2. This exhibition continues an exploration in sculptural form, of ideas related to parts and wholes.  Here this plays out through four structures: a still life, a morphology, a series of ceramic sculptures, and a chandelier.    Each contains a volume, a movement between interiors and exteriors, accumulating through iterative repetition, like breath.

3. This work begins with practical concerns regarding building and transporting forms of clay, wood, and aluminum.

These thoughts slowly yield to a more poetic awareness of relationships between parts and wholes.Of these relationships, 4 types are demonstrated here:

A still life, an aggregation of bent surfaces, a collection of sculptures/fragments and a series of precise variants yes unique variants on a form.

While each maintains it’s own internal logic, within this space they represent a whole, and even this is provisional.